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Fagans Twist – €10

Voka, Licor 43 with a shot of espresso

Chocolate and Caramel (Espresso Martini) – €10

Vodka, Mozart Chocolate Liquor, Dubliner Liquor with a dash of cream and milk

Long Island Iced Tea – €8.50

Vodka, Tequila, Triple Sec, Gin, White Rum, Sweet and Sour Mix topped with a dash of Diet Coke

Mai Thai – €8.50

Diplomatico Blanco, Diplomatico Reserva, Tripple Sec, Lime Juice, Mixed Orgeat Syrup and Sugar Syrup

Daiquiri – €7.50

(Strawberry, Forrest Fruits or Passion Fruit) Caribbean Rum Blended with Lime Juice and Puree of your Choice

Whiskey Sour – €7.50

Whiskey, Sweet and Sour Mix and Lime Juice

Caipirinha – €7.50

(Watermelon or Passion Fruit) Fuba Cachaca, Sugar Syrup, Muddled Limes and Puree of Your Choice

Raspberry Collins – €7.50

Greenhalls Gin, Lemon Juice, Raspberry Puree, Sugar Syrup and topped with Soda

Cosmopolitan – €7.50

Vodka, Triple Sec, Cranberry Juice and Lime Juice

Margharita – €7.50

Tequila, Triple Sec, Lime Juice and Sweet and sour mix